Irwin Powermeter Twin

Code: IPM300

The Irwin Power Meter Twin uses two large backlit displays which display four important parameters.

  1. The voltage across the load (V)
  2. The current flowing through the load (A)
  3. The power dissipated by the load (W)
  4. The amount of energy converted by the load (Wh)

The Powermeter Twin is designed to be used with a low voltage power pack and can accept input voltages in the range 6.5-100V d.c. The load (which may draw up to 20A) is connected to the load terminals. In addition, the unit may be plugged into the mains for testing the energy use of common domestic appliances.  The two sections are completely independent and may be used simultaneously if required.

The display unit has a multipurpose push switch which allows the backlight to be switched on or off (the unit remembers the settings when disconnected) and allows the energy reading to be reset.

The unit displays energy in Wh rather than Joules because a Joule display would quickly overflow.  This can be used as a teaching aid (1Wh=3,600J) as well as allowing the pupil to time their power usage and calculate the energy converted in Joules. They can then compare their result with the Powermeter.

Designed and manufactured in the UK


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