XL Logger

Xllogger is an innovative new data logging system using direct USB sensors & Excel* for data capture and analysis xllogger is built around Excel* because this is the standard graphing and calculation package used by schools and colleges throughout the world. Because data is captured directly into Excel* there is no need to export and move data from one package to another - unlike other data logging systems. xllogger has incorporated into Excel* all the requirements of standard data logging software, but with the additional advantage of access to all the calculating power of Excel* for better data analysis. Installation is a simple procedure on any standalone PC or laptop, or on any network. Once installed, xllogger is always available from within Excel*. Sensors are auto-recognised when plugged in and automatically change range and sensitivity when needed without any input from the user.

Xllogger (O2) Oxygen Sensor £110.00

Xllogger Accelerometer 5G £110.00

Xllogger Barometer £82.50

Xllogger Current Sensor £44.00

XL Logger Balance

Xllogger Digital Balance - 600g/0.01g £260.00

Xllogger Distance (Motion) Sensor £121.00

Xllogger Force Sensor £143.00

Xllogger Light Gate Set (pair) £82.50

Xllogger Light Sensor £51.70

Xllogger Magnetic Field Sensor £88.00

Xllogger Microphone - with free software £33.00

Xllogger Oxygen Sensor £75.00

xllogger ph sensor with probe £88.00

Xllogger Relative Humidity Sensor £88.00

Xllogger Sound Sensor £55.00

Xllogger Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor £38.50

Xllogger Turbidity Sensor £121.00

Xllogger Voltage Sensor £44.00