IR Probe

Code: IPC-4566-W

A phototransistor with maximum response in the infrared region of the spectrum at around 940nm (IPC-4566-W). This is near to the visible region of the spectrum. The phototransistor is mounted on the end of a fibreglass wand, fitted with a 250mm lead and two 4mm connectors. When connected to a suitable voltmeter (e.g. IPC-1904-M 2V d.c. voltmeter) the probe will produce a qualitative reading proportional to the amount of infrared radiation incident on it’s sensitive face. Supplied with instructions.

Description: IR Probe

Part Number: IPC-4566-W

Electrical Supply: N/A

Dimensions: 90 x 10 x 5mm with 250mm lead

Mass: 0.03kg


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