Power Supplies

Our Power Supplies have been renowned for toughness and reliability within schools and laboratory establishments. All our Power Supplies are designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.

Irwin Powerbase V8 £210.13

Irwin Powerbase V8 Class pack of 15 £3,057.75

Irwin PowerBase S5 £193.62

Irwin PowerBase S8 £211.34

Irwin PowerBase S10 £163.62

Irwin Powerswitch £122.50

Westminster Power Supply £122.50

2-12V AC/DC Powerlock £149.25

5kV EHT Power Supply

5kV EHT Power Supply £366.53

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/12VDC)

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/12VDC) £183.18

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/24VDC)

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/24VDC) £192.38

Dual Regulated PSU

Dual Regulated PSU £151.54

High Tension PSU

High Tension PSU £195.75

LoVolt Power Supply

LoVolt Power Supply £144.45

Low Voltage PSU

Low Voltage PSU £101.25

Multitap Transformer

Multitap Transformer £141.08

Powerlock Gratnells Tray Pack of 4 £545.40

Powerswitch Gratnells Pack of 4 £469.00