Primary Science

We offer a range of Primary Science apparatus specifically designed with children in mind encouraging investigating problems, learning how science works and discovering why science matters.

Hand Electricity Generator £19.95

Raymond the Raybox £44.86

Spider Power Supply £74.16

Spider Power Supply Class set of 15 in Gratnells Tray £1,075.22

Vu+ Data Logger £149.00

Vu+ Data Logger 5 Pack (Wireless) £745.00

Vu+ Gratnells storage tray with charger £85.00

Vu+ Heart Rate Sensor £33.75

Vu+ Light Gates £39.75

Vu+ Powerhouse £57.50

Vu+ Push Button Switches £33.33

Vu+ Temperature Sensor £10.75

Vu+ Timing Mats £34.75

Vu+ Voltage Sensor £10.75