Irwin Powerbase HT

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Wow Experiments in A level Physics form Apparatus in Your Cupboard!!!! We have had many enquiries for technical support as a result of discovery made in Physic Lab cupboards. Experiments such as: Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, Ionisation Chamber, Tel Tron Tube, Parallel Capacitor Plate and many more..

Teachers and Technicians have used the lockdown to find what has been lurking in their cupboards for all these years and have found apparatus to demonstrate classic Physics experiments. Experiments that are stimulating, exciting, informative and have a wow factor. Many of the enquiries were related to not having the right Power Supply or having units too old, or have failed PAT tests to use with the apparatus. To support this renaissance in classic physics experiments and taking a lead from our customers.

Please refer to CLEAPSS and SSSERC guidance on using power supplies and make sure all your old equipment has been tested and is safe before using it. If in doubt get it checked, call us for support. Keep checking our website for information on PAT testing and PAT Testing Calibration. 

Our Powerbase HT unit supplies a constantly variable 0-300V D.C at 60mA and a separate constantly, variable 0-30V D.C. also at 60mA.

In addition, it has a heater supply of 6.3V a.c at 2A to power up Teltron tube heater filaments. Both variable outputs are fully smoothed. Useful for powering valves, Teltron diodes, Millikan’s oil drop experiment and much more.

• Twin continuously variable outputs
• 0-300V DC at 60mA
• 0-30V DC at 60mA
• 6.3V AC at 2A for heater circuits
• Automatic short circuit protection
• Safe shrouded output sockets
• Supplied with fused mains plug, lead.
• Manufactured in the UK


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