Plasma Ball

Code: MPB0200

A large, 8" diameter Plasma ball that looks fantastic in a darkened room. The unit may be used for illustrating E=hv, capacitance effects, voltage breakdown of gases, differing energy states etc. Used with our technicians' friend tester you can demonstrate electric field strength.

Our plasma ball is a miniature Tesla coil. Inside the ball is a coil of wires that have electrons going through them oscillating at a very high frequency. This shakes the atoms around the wires so hard that their electrons start to fall off! Inside the glass, the globe has a partial vacuum. This just means that some of the air has been sucked out. Because there is not as much air in there, it is easier to make electric sparks that can be seen.

The electrons then travel out into the air from the glass ball. We know this because the plasma ball lights up the light bulb. If you touch the plasma ball, all of the electrons will go through you to the ground. You see only one big spark inside the ball where you put your hand. If you stand on a stool, you are insulated from the ground and get filled with electrons. This means you can light up a fluorescent light bulb!

A valuable addition to any science department and a real wow for open days.

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